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Shaurya recently graduated from the Young India Fellowship, a multidisciplinary liberal arts and leadership program at Ashoka University as a Ravi Mehta Scholar.

He previously earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, where he was elected to Eta Kappa Nu.

He considers his four-years at Penn State the most enriching rounding experience in his entire life. "I was exposed to such out of the world concepts and met some of the smartest individuals in the most diverse of occupations and talents. Exceptional social manipulators, street-smarts, book-smarts, leaders, public speakers, casanovas, observers, and gentlemen with undeniably some of the most esoteric skills. This heterogeneity has been responsible for giving color to my black and white lens and in shaping my vision, the way I look at life, failure, success, friendships, relationships (sic)."


Shaurya has tried and succeeded (and successfully failed) in a myriad of things. He was the President of the Student Government in the School of EECS alongwith being on the Advisory Board of the School of EECS. He started the Penn State India Alumni Network, was the College of Engineering Envoy Scholar, taught Computer Science & Chemistry to undergraduates as a Teaching Assistant, and explored 

coursework in Finance, Energy Engineering (Renewable Energy), Theatre and Music.

Shaurya was born and brought up in Meerut, India and attended St. Mary's Academy.

shaurya rastogi

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