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speeches, essays & notes  

in praise of the research university, mairson [link]

don't eat fortune's cookie, lewis [video link]
seek opportunity, davar [video link] [case study]
what i learned at harvard, lemann [link]
how pv narasimha rao transformed india, sitapati [short video link] [long video link]
who needs harvard, easterbook [link]
does it matter where you go to college?, weismann [link]
the order of things, gladwell [link]
are the 'best and brightest' going into finance?, shu [summary link] [abstract pdf]
firms are wasting millions recruiting on only a few campuses, rivera [link]
how subtle class cues can backfire on your resume, rivera and tilcsik [link]
investigating america's elite, wai [link]
life is always a struggle, bachchan [video link]
check this box if you're a good person, sabky [link]
competition is for losers, thiel [pdf]
cs183:startup, stanford- thiel notes, masters [pdf]
top of the class, bramwell [link]
scrutinizing the elite, whether they like it or not, sullivan [link]
crucibles of leadership, bennis and thomas [link]
deliverance from 27,000 feet, nyt [link]
life and how to survive it, tan [pdf]

shaurya rastogi

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