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Don't get tired

Who makes the most progress, I wonder at times? What makes achievers, achievers? How to achieve satisfaction, while actually hustling and always moving towards the better?

The answers to these questions often inadvertently creep into my conversations with my Father as we discuss the philosophies of life over long phone calls on my Americana weekends.

I have not been left unaware of the shift of the subject of these phone calls to life's philosophy in the last 3 years. I have not been incognizant of the fact that the conversations which revolved more around studying hard, getting good grades in the first 20 years of my life have suddenly been replaced with the life gyaan aimed at gearing me for life and I, surely, cannot be more thankful. From caretakers to friends is the change of relationship I have noticed with my parents as I moved from my teens to tweens. Maybe, my becoming independent too quickly aided in that.

As I delve deep into my past conversations, the hidden secret of achievers seems to me that they never get tired. Hustling from one place to another, trying to always learn, keeping the mind open and never saying 'no' to experimentation might sound like the cliché phrases picked up from a self-help book but instead, they are the ingredients picked up from a Pa's cookbook which are essential for a successful life recipe.

Then there are numerous stories of people, who kept the hustle on and never stopped challenging themselves, challenging the status quo and thinking out of the box who left footprints even in a world where achievements are quickly forgotten synonymous to the sands of the windy desert. ​ Let's keep the hustle on setting higher boundaries, keep moving towards greener pastures unbridled while continuously aspiring to be the monk who will sell his Ferrari. " You need to fail quickly and fail often to stay ahead of your competition. Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

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