Bruce Lee

currently contemplating on:
  1. What are the various strategies employed by the elites/UHNWIs in various domiciles to maintain their status quo? 
    Context: This answer can include financial strategies, political strategies, hacks, and not so common tactics.
  2. How do I differentiate between two activist investors? 
    Context: I am a billionaire and I have to allocate capital to activist investing strategy to achieve diversification. I have the names of Ackman, Icahn, Rosenstein, Einhorn, and others on my list. I want to be sure that it is the manager and not the activist investing strategy that is yielding returns because if that is so, there is no skill and I can invest my capital with the manager who charges lowest fees.

  3. What is Vista Equity Partners' approach to value creation?
    Context: VEP has developed 100 operating procedures for its portfolio companies.

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