pennsylvania state university 

I spent almost half a decade in the woods of State College in Central Pennsylvania studying everything. My room changed from Shunk in Pollock to West to Pointe and Vairo Village but the goals remained the same.
I spent most of my time learning, switching places from Pattee and Paterno to Hammond Lab, to doing classes in between. Also, sometimes sleeping in IST building under the table during an all-nighter before a big exam. I found my interests, my passions, what I like and what I dislike here. All my notions were challenged here everyday because of the potential of the people I engaged with, here everyday.
I experimented, and experimented a lot. I took a class in Smeal, even took a course in Religious Studies and not to mention several courses in Music and Integrative Arts. This was with my full-load Computer Engineering curriculum which can definitely be counted as the most rigorous major on campus (typical seal training).
The Professors (and admin staff, and TAs) were unduly kind and I made great relationships and friendships with a lot of them across the departments. From Iran to Colombia to Brazil, Egypt and South Korea, it was truly a melting pot. Whether it was Prof. Salvia in EE or Ms. Fox at Engg. Career Resources to Mark Mahon, my Academic Advisor to Stewart who used to sign my I-20s and answer my VISA queries at an instant (while throwing some bollywood jokes), I had my share of favorites both outside and inside campus.
I have been a product of the generosity and mentorship of so many people who had an interest in my future and well-being.