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I tend to match my life situations to what I am reading. This is a simple hack to retain more and also to apply more. I love reading everything but gravitate mostly towards life philosophy, business, investing, psychology, education genres.

I have recently started to more actively pick-up fiction. Earlier by pushing fiction aside as a mere figment of human imagination, I was not doing justice to it. Fiction is an extension of how we humans feel, think, love and live, and put out our life experiences on paper through stories. Fiction is what helps us to feel, fiction is what helps us to display emotions, and in the process, it makes us more human.

My reading habits are weird when it comes to non-fiction. I read a lot of everything. I am usually very excited when I pick a book and I tend to go through it very quickly to look at main ideas that will quench my initial excitement. I then tend to space out my readings of a single book giving myself space and time to fully consume (and share) the ideas and connect the dots with what I have already read. I am not in a race to read a million books but I am in the race to find patterns and connect dots between seemingly disparate topics and uncover new conclusions. Yes, that's what I like the most.

My favorite authors are Alain de Botton, Ryan Holiday, and Osho. I also tend to lean towards the writings of J Krishnamurti.

shaurya rastogi

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