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Hi, I'm Shaurya. I'm a technology investor focused on healthcare, software and internet at EscapeVelocity.


In the past, I worked as a Chief of Staff at a venture-backed biomaterials startup, headquartered in Cambridge, MA, redefining wound care and drug delivery.

I benefit from an early broad-based career training with exposure spanning manufacturing, financial services, logistics, electric mobility, climate and renewable energy, and healthcare/medtech/biotech industries.

I have worked across academia, think tank, large corporate, startup, and family-owned enterprise settings, and understand the nuances associated with each environment.

My first degree is in computer engineering from the school of electrical engineering & computer science at Penn State. I also hold a multidiscplinary master's degree in liberal arts through the Young India Fellowship at AshokaU.

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I grew up in an industrial city in India where my fascination with manufacturing, machines, and industries started really early on.


I liked to use my hands to build and break stuff, play with tools/nuts and bolts but over time this tinkering streak moved into the digital space and culminated with me studying for an engineering curriculum heavily blended with liberal arts.

The power of the tech amazes me, but manufacturing and machines continue to bowl me over. 


Now, as an investor, I do both — I spend time in the weeds with really smart entrepreneurs to understand industries and how tech can make them (if at all) exponentially better, or disrupt them all together.

shaurya rastogi

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